No arms + no legs = no problems?

How did I get so lucky to hug this man in real life?

Nick Vujicic is well known man and inspired by many people. I’m curious why, if it’s because he has no arms and no legs? Or he’s a great speaker that made him so well known?

For those who has never met Nick Vujicic, he is a young man who is born without arms and legs. Despite that, he’s doing a lot of things that a ‘normal’ human being can: driving a car, writing books, swimming, surfing and flying an airplane!

No, flying an airplane is a joke that Nick makes on the stage at the event. His sense of humour is very subtle, he’s playing with words. One of my favourite jokes he’s telling is that “he was born that way”. If you ever have a chance to hear him speaking: I hope he will tell this story too 🙂

At the age of 19 Nick choose to be a speaker. The road after his choice was very bumpy but he was very determined to be a professional speaker. The way he tells the bumpy road is very inspiring and I can’t recall he’s using the following words as “hard work”, “I just got lucky”, “impossible” or “poor me”.

Nick’s style of speaking is very light, easy to follow and entertainment. He doesn’t mind to use self-mockery and I personally like that.

Today, Nick is 32 years old. My point of view is that nowadays he reaches the targets he was aiming for: a well known inspiring professional international speaker, a husband and a father. I wonder what’s next?

As a child Nick’s parents always said to him that he is beautiful as he was and they make sure that he’s loved. This has a huge impact to his own personal development, this is like getting a leg up in his life! This makes me wonder, if it’s only his parents who are saying that or everybody around him when he was a child? And who was his inspiration at that time? I guess that these questions will get answered later, the next time I’ll see him..

So to answer my own question about “Why is Nick Vujicic so well known?”: cause he’s not using his no arms and legs as an excuse for not living his life as he would like to have. Also he’s way of speaking is fun and inspiring.

This event is not only inspiring for me to hear, see and hug Nick Vujicic in real life, but also a moment occurs that made ‘thinking’. That moment happens during my walk to another room, you can read it here.